About Ida's Gourmet

As a 1954 Middle Eastern Immigrant, Ida spent many childhood days at her mother’s side in the kitchen of their Birmingham, Alabama home learning how to prepare authentic cultural dishes. It was there that her passion for cooking was born.

Ida of Ida's Gourmet

As the family assimilated to the southern American lifestyle, menus and tastes developed and changed. Ida not only incorporated traditional family recipes into meal preparations but began to adopt new styles and recipes as well.In 1969, she married and moved to Jacksonville, Florida where she began a career as a homemaker and restauranteur.

It was during this time that her most popular product was created. While catering a wedding, Ida created a marinade for fresh mushrooms that were served as an appetizer. This marinade would soon become known as Ida’s Gourmet Salad Dressing and Marinade. After years of high demand for this dressing, the decision was made to make this product available to the public through the retail market. It’s one of the finest products your taste buds will ever experience. We hope it brings as much enjoyment to your family meals as it has to ours over the past 40 years.